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Xola Lola's Journey from Mexico to Vermont

This is a story, as told by our 4 year old granddaughter, about a Mexican hairless puppy and her journey from her native country of Mexico to her new home in Northern Vermont on beautiful Lake Champlain.

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wix book cover.jpg
WIX book cover.jpg

Memere, Whats That?

"Memere What's That?" is Pamela's 1st book in her series of "Little Bedtime Books".  This story teaches children about fear, trust & love in a conversation between Xola Lola, a Mexican hairless dog, and her human Memere (which is french for grandmother). In this book Xola Lola asks Memere questions about things that she does not understand and is a little afraid of. But Memere always answers them in such a way that Xola Lola is no longer afraid.

Why Memere, Why?

"Why Memere Why?" is Pamela's 2nd book in her series of "Little Bedtime Books". In this story Xola Lola, a Mexican Hairless dog, is bullied at the local dog park, because she is hairless, and has a lazy ear and she does not look like the other dogs at all. Memere (which is french for grandmother) helps Xola Lola change the perception of what ugly means and Xola Lola feels enpowered simply by changing the way she chooses to look at it.

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Memere, Where Did I Come From?

"Memere, Where I Come From?" is Pamela's 3rd book in her series of "Little Bedtime Books". This story is about what being a family really means.  Xola Lola’s friend, Skippy’s mother, had a new litter of puppies and they all look alike, including Skippy. Xola Lola a Mexican Hairless dog, questions Memere (which is French for Grandmother) about why she does not look exactly like her sisters. Memere explains to Xola Lola that you don't all have to come from the same litter to be a family, a family is what you make it.


Memere, How Can That Be?

"Memere, How Can That Be?" is Pamela's 4th book in her series of "Little Bedtime Books". In this story Xola Lola meets a new friend at the local dog park, her name is Razzmatazz. Xola Lola tells Memere that she has an unusal family consisting of some very unique siblings. Xola Lola has a hard time understanding how they all can be a family when they are nothing alike. Memere explains to Xola Lola that being a family is about who you love and who you choose to be a part of.


Memere, How Can That Be?   My Friends like Them More...

"Memere, What If? My Friends like Them more... is Pamela's 5th book in her series of "Little Bedtime Books". In this story Xola Lola is super excited to meet four new girls from Paris, France, who are coming to her doggy day care for special training to become show dogs, that is, until she actually meets them! But this story has a little twist because the new girls aren't just beautiful! They are all insanely beautiful, incredibly nice and totally brilliant! This combination leads Xola Lola to question herself, her looks, her personality and her self worth to her friends... will all of her friends like the new girls better?? Memere tries to help her see that beauty isn't just about looks.

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